Fuel Tank & Delivery Systems

TI Automotive’s Fuel Tank & Delivery Systems Division features award-winning fuel tank systems and fuel pump & module technology for gasoline, diesel, flex-fuel and hybrid vehicle applications. Combining fuel storage and delivery as a business enables TI Automotive to develop and produce fully-integrated fuel systems.

Since 2009, the group has won three Automotive News PACE Awards for innovation, with Ship-in-a-Bottle (SIB) fuel tank system, the Dual-Channel, Single-Stage (DCSS) fuel pump and the new Tank Advanced Process Technology (TAPT). The new TAPT system demonstrates our commitment to innovation for plastic fuel tank systems and enables the production of several different types of plastic fuel tanks from a single tooling set design.

Pump and module technology from TI Automotive is designed for optimized performance and maximum durability. The DCSS fuel pump is one of the highest-performing in the industry, while our new fuel module systems enable more packaging flexibility than ever before.

Brushless fuel pump technology is also available, with a wide range of pressure and flow characteristics for customer applications to optimize fuel economy and efficiency.

The division also produces plastic fuel filler pipes, diesel additive dosing systems, control electronics and several variants of fuel-level sensors.

Fuel Tank Products


Product Information

TI Automotive develops and manufactures award-winning fuel tank systems for diesel, gasoline, flex-fuel and hybrid vehicle applications. TI Automotive has revolutionized the production of plastic fuel tanks through its Ship-in-a-Bottle (SIB) and Tank Advanced Process Technology (TAPT) manufacturing methods.

TI Automotive fuel tanks improve fuel system performance and are engineered for a wide range of packaging options, reduced evaporative emissions and low weight.

Fuel Tank Products include:

  • Plastic fuel tanks for gasoline, diesel, and flexfuel vehicles
  • Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) fuel tanks
  • Pressurized fuel tank systems for hybrid vehicles
  • Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) fuel tanks
  • Delivery and return components
  • Plastic fuel filler tubes
Product Highlights

Advanced Manufacturing Methods:

The 2009 Automotive News PACE Award-winning SIB fuel tank changed the way plastic fuel tanks were made. By integrating the fuel system components into the tank via a preassembled carrier, TI Automotive was able to develop the world’s first plastic PZEV fuel tank. Today, our new Tank Advanced Process Technology (TAPT) marks the next step in plastic tank production innovation for component integration in new tank solutions.

TI Automotive’s 2014 Automotive News PACE Award-winning TAPT innovation is an adaptable blow molding manufacturing process that makes it possible to produce multiple types of fuel tanks for all types of powertrains – diesel, gasoline, flex-fuel, Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles (PZEV) and hybrid – from a single blow molding tool set design.

During TAPT, the parison is separated into two halves while a robot inserts the fuel system components into designated gripper areas of the tank assembly. The mold then closes to optimize the pinch joint flange. This process has fewer limitations as to size and complexity of shape.

These advanced methods enable TI Automotive to set new standards in lightweight, flexible packaging technology with emissions integration.

Pump & Module Products


Product Information

TI Automotive pumps and modules for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles are designed for quiet, efficient, low-voltage performance and durability. We offer a comprehensive line of reliable pumps and modules designed to handle fuel-economy-enhancing high-pressure fuel systems.

Products include:

  • Pumps (brushed, brushless)
  • Modules (BISTA, CISTA)
  • Electronics controls
  • Additive dosing systems
  • Contact-resistive, noncontact piezo and sealed level sensors
Product Highlights

Pumps – TI Automotive fuel pumps with brush and brushless motors are available in multiple sizes and materials for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel applications. With a comprehensive line of gear, screw and turbine available with brush or brushless configurations, TI Automotive pumps are designed for reliable, efficient and quiet performance.

Dual-Channel Single Stage (DCSS) – TI Automotive’s Automotive News PACE Award-winning fuel pump is a perfect example of this commitment to innovation. It features a thermoplastic impeller, aluminum anodized pumping chambers and integrated motor. A dual high-pressure design maintains velocity in the channel by splitting the flow between inner and outer paths, with the pumping sections working in parallel as opposed to in series, as is common in two-stage series pumps.

Modules – TI Automotive fluid-delivery modules are designed to regulate system pressure, filter contamination, monitor fluid levels and temperature, and integrate easily into the vehicle assembly. We offer configurations for complete fluid-delivery modules for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel applications, for both single or multipocket tanks. Permeation performance of TI Automotive modules is compatible with the most stringent emission regulations, including Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV).

New Brushless Fuel Delivery Module – features an integrated controller in the flange, higher fuel efficiency, improved reliability through the brushless design, a sealed level sensor and quiet operation during stop/start mode.

Diesel Additive Dosing Systems – TI Automotive diesel-dosing systems include tanks, dosing units and electronic controls to allow vehicles to meet the most stringent emissions standards.

Electronics – TI Automotive provides electronic controls designed to increase efficiency and reliability of fluid delivery and level control systems.

Contact-Resistive, Noncontact Piezo and Sealed Level Sensors – TI Automotive’s highly accurate level sensors include contact-resistive sensors, noncontact piezo sensors, sealed level sensors and magnetically coupled sealed fuel sensors.

Aftermarket Products


Performance Matters

Whether you prowl the streets or hit the track, run boosted or all-motor, TI Automotive fuel pumps and modules deliver maximum fuel flow throughout a wide pressure range to support major horsepower. With unrivaled performance and unmatched durability, it’s no wonder that TI Automotive pumps already fuel many of the world’s most iconic high-performance vehicles.

TI Automotive is a global OE supplier to the largest auto manufacturers as well as a worldwide leader in the development and production of automotive fluid systems. This expertise is also offered to performance enthusiasts and racers in the form of high-performance in-line and in-tank fuel pumps, complete drop-in fuel modules, fuel pump kits and installation accessories.

To experience the performance for yourself, contact a TI Automotive representative for a distributor near you.

Product Highlights

High-Performance Fuel Pumps – A consistent and reliable supply of fuel to your engine is of the utmost importance, particularly in a high performance vehicle. If the engine doesn’t receive the correct amount of fuel you can’t extract maximum performance. Inconsistent fuel flow can cause issues for an engine that is tuned for maximum output by jeopardizing the air/fuel mixture, or requiring extra time chasing down intermittent performance problems related to an inadequate fuel supply. By utilizing a proven fuel pump from TI Automotive you can ensure proper fuel flow under any conditions from street to track.

High-Performance Fuel Modules – TI Automotive fuel pump modules deliver the superior performance you need. The OE-designed technology combines a high performance fuel pump with filtration, level-sensing and storage as an assembly similar to a traditional replacement module. These modules are available as a complete product range to cover a wide range of vehicles from sports cars to pickup trucks.

High-Performance Pump Kits – TI Automotive high performance fuel pump kits are designed as a direct-fit replacement for various vehicle models. The kits feature OE-based fuel pumps designed for optimum performance and durability and come with all parts required for a reliable OE-style installation.

Fuel System Accessories – TI Automotive supports its high-performance fuel pumps and modules with a wide range of installation accessories, including hoses, fittings, filters, and wiring harnesses to meet your fuel system needs, even when the vehicle may require a more customized installation solution.

TI Automotive Aftermarket Products

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