IT Specialist

Deeside England


Responsibilities of Position:

1. Provides the basic functions of IT systems (HW + SW) ie. computers, laptops, Qplant terminals, multifunctional copiers, printers, servers, bar code scanners, telecommunications apparatus, active network components, equipment, etc.

2. On a daily basis ensures corporate security policy in the IT area, creation of user accounts, access rights management and user passwords, antivirus settings and evaluation of automated virus alerts, access rights management applications and systems.

3. Implementation and control of the backup process If necessary, restoring data from backups. 

4. Performs installation of operating systems and necessary applications on user desktops and laptops. 

5. In the area of internal IS BPCS ensures data connectivity to a central server, the client part of the BPCS software, print on BPCS, Qplant and StockTransfer applications and terminals.

6. Is responsible for general condition, durability, quality and development of specialized equipment and company assets (software, hardware, communications and office equipment, related accessories, etc.) It gives suggestions and advice on replacement of HW and SW his superiors.

7. Responsible for resolving hardware and software problems users, forms the first level helpdesk support users (LEVEL1).

8. Issues and provides an order for the purchase of specialized goods (software, hardware, communications and office equipment, related accessories, etc.) Is responsible for the timeliness of delivery; evaluates service suppliers, leading complaints of the suppliers.

9. A member of a global team of IT, works closely with the IT department TI Automotive Mlada Boleslav.

Skill Requirements:

1. Professional orientation in HW and communication technologies.

2. Professional ability to identify problems, preventive measures and their consistent implementation.

3. Professional level control PC (MS Office, Windows).

4. Creative approach to work.

5. Ability to work in teams.

Experience Requirements:

1. IT experience two to three years (automotive industry preferred).

2. Professional experience in the management of server applications MS, MS-Exchange, MS-SQL.

3. Experience in IT support for ERP-systems.


College education required.

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